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Tool Chests 4 Top Manufacturers

It is easy to walk into a discount store and buy a plastic or metal toolbox to store the basic tools used regularly around the house. But what if you are serious about your tools, you use them regularly for hobbies or work. Then you need to be able to store them somewhere that is organized and which you have quick access. You need more than a box, you need to consider the tool chests available on the market today. Unlike a basic tool box, a tool chest can be a serious investment. There are basic chests that can be set on your workbench, all the way up to large tool chests on wheels. For a quality chest, the price can range from $100 to over $2000. But tools are expensive, so taking care of them and storing them properly is important. Lets take a look at some of the top tool chests manufacturers.

Remline specializes only in tool chests, ranging from the usual 26" small tool chests all the way up to large, 56" wide tool carts. They have a large variety of sizes and configuration of drawers so that anyone is bound to find one to suit their needs. Remline builds all of their chests with the same high standards throughout the entire manufacturing process. Their products are designed for maximum utility and longevity.

Excel Hardware boasts being the industry's leading manufacturer of metal storage systems. With a service center located in California, and a large overseas factory, their goal is to provide the best quality tool chests and boxes at the most competitive prices. With Excel, you can start with the base tool chest on wheels, and then add a removable tool box on top. Though Excel has only been around since 2003, their motto of "Total customer satisfaction", high quality and competitive prices have paid off to make them a major contender in the field.

Craftline products are manufactured by the Platt & LaBonia Company, which has been around for over 50 years. Their Craftline products allow an individual or business to customize their ideal workshop, so besides small and large tool chests, they also offer heavy duty work benches and carts, cabinets, wall panels, racks etc. The Platt & LaBonia Company pledge is that Craftline products are "engineered to withstand everyday use". Coming from a company that has been around since 1945, you can bet that you can trust them, and that they know what they are doing.

Garage-Toys design their stainless steel tool chests, boxes and garage storage systems in Minnesota. They use high quality materials and workmanship, with laser cuts and TIG welds. They are a family owned business that takes pride in their work and in being known for high customer satisfaction. They are also a great company to go with if you want to support USA manufactured products.

There are other tool chest manufacturer's, but these are four well known in the industry today. WIth any of them you are getting a quality product that is designed to last. They are companies that recognize your investment in tools, and strive to help you to organize and protect that investment. Regardless of the types of tools you use, or why you use them, somewhere among these four companies, you should be able to find some tool chests that will work best for you.


An Overview of Plate Joiners and Its Uses

The transformation of a natural piece to an extraordinary one by molding is an art. This is how wood workers expertise themselves in this art. This art of giving attractive shapes to a dull piece of wood needs some imagination and creativity. The worker works on the wood and cuts the unnecessary parts away. This he does in a descent and artistic way. This whole process is not a piece of cake. You have to know the steps that are involved in this process. In this kind of work joining two pieces of wood is a common practice. Earlier a clamp was used to make this process easy.

With the advent of plate joiners, this task is accomplished with this tool only. It is surely a great alternative to the clamps. Many people, engaged in this profession prefer plate joiners over the traditional wood joining tools. Plate joiners, no doubt, came out the winner in giving the perfect shape to the wooden pieces.

Be it a half moon, square, triangle or rectangle, this effective device helps in giving any shape to the wood, thus making it easy for designing any furniture. By doing holes at the end of the wood, it gives the half moon shape to the piece. While designing this shape, the professional need to make it sure that the holes are in opposite direction. By using glue, an oval shaped item is covered. After that it is placed on the hole. This item is designed like a plate. Making a joint easily and quickly is possible only with plate joiners.

Plate joiners consist of blades of four inches that is designed to make crescent shaped holes. The tool is easy to use and includes no complications. These devices are found in three standard sizes- 0, 10 and 20. Mini plate is also in. It is a new variety of plate joiners. It may prove to be quite helpful for performing this type of task.

The joiner makes the process easy. According to the experts, it is better to select the plate joiners of size 20 if the wood worker is new to the industry. This size is best for anyone who has started the business. Wood workers can use the tool in the right way. After you become accustomed with the task, you can use other sizes. Selection of the size of plate jointers depend on type of project.

Plate joiner is also named as biscuit jointer. However, many people think that these are two of different terms. The process of joining with the help of plate jointers becomes easier once you get used to it. Plate joiners cut the piece in the shape of a crescent. Then, two holes are created at the edge of the wood. This tool includes a blade of four inch. It is used for creating holes in the wood. You can create effortless and neat joints with the help of plate joiners. The task is accomplished more easily and quickly.


Portable Generators Fulfill many Needs

Portable generators are useful and manufactured for a variety of purposes. Let's take a look at each of these purposes and why a generator is important for each one.

Portable Home Generators are designed as back up for home use. In some parts of the country, this may seem totally irrelevant because power loss is so extremely rare. But in other parts of the country, power loss is not unusual. We live in the country, and we have had years where there have been severe winters and power loss is expected. I remember one winter where power outages occurred often, and usually for multiple days at a time. Both Thanksgiving and Christmas were spent without power. We did not have a portable generator, but were lucky because we did have a wood burning stove. This allowed us to at least have heat, and it could be used to heat water. Another problem when you lose power in the country is that since you are on a well, your pump stops working and you lose your water as well. You always want to keep drinking water on hand for emergencies. But if you suspect a possible power outage, it is common to fill the bathtub with water so that you can flush the toilet or have some on hand for other non-potable uses. What we ended up doing that severe winter, if we forgot to fill the tub, was to melt snow on our stove. And cooking, well that's a whole different story. Though you can heat some things up on a wood stove, our neighbor cooked their turkey on the BBQ that year! Keeping stuff cold is a trick also, your freezer you keep closed to preserve the temperature.

But all of this is a lot of extra work, having a portable generator would be a lot easier. When power goes out, you just fire it up and you have heat, lights, water, appliances that work and everything else you take for granted that uses power. Some of my in-laws have portable generators for their homes, and are always very glad when the power goes out, and so are the rest of us because now we have somewhere we can go for dinner!

Contractor generators are a necessity on a job site, power tools simply cannot be run without them. Depending upon the size of the job will determine how large or powerful of a generator that is needed. These portable generators are usually a bit larger and transported in the back of a truck. Many have wheels to make it easier to move them around the work site.

RV generators are obviously portable generators because people take them along with them in their recreational vehicles. When at an RV campsite, you can plug in many things to save on generator use. But if you are dry camping, a generator is needed. The minimum size generator needed for a small RV is 1500 to 2000 watts, if you run an air conditioner, then at least 3000 watts is needed. A larger RV with multiple air conditioners will need at least a 6000 watt generator.

Towable generators are probably the largest class of portable generators. These are generators that come on their own small trailer to be towed behind a vehicle. This allows use of a larger generator to be used commercially at remote locations or jobsites.

Portable generators come in a variety of sizes, and are designed to be used for a variety of reasons. So before purchasing one, first decide how your generator will be used: at home, at the job or in an RV, to help determine which will work best for you.


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